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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Personal Info is PERSONAL

Ok, am I the only one that is mega annoyed with lame ass checkout people asking for my phone number, my email, and my address while ringing me out... like they NEED the info in order to make the transaction?

They NEED it to sell it to a 3rd party marketing company that will then tailor their fucking ads to your personal taste... and they have your EMAIL and your home ADDRESS in which to send their detailed advertisements to. BULLSHYTE.

No, little pimple faced anorexia sufferer... you may NOT have my phone number, my bra siZe, or my email address... you MAY, however, fuck the hell RIGHT off and give me my mother FUCKING purse without looking so DAMN put out that I told you "no".

New York & Co may now suck my left toe. Fucking asshats.

The End ^_^

Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Dead Boy

Once upon a time there was a little girl who never smiled.

The unsmiling girl loved a little boy.

The girl had no cause to love the boy; he was mean and cruel and full of little boy spite.

One day the little girl buried the little boy alive... and smiled.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Idiot Population

I am just about totally sick of morons. They seem to pop up everywhere -- especially the places where morons should not be residing.

I recently sent an email to an adviser (someone students greatly rely on to graduate). In this email I gave my name (full) and I signed off with my name (what I prefer to be addressed as). This email also contained TWO questions that were (and still are) very important.

Now, when I saw how quickly she replied to said email I was ecstatic. The school I am attending has a less than stellar track record with their shoddy advising teams. When I opened the email and realized that she not only addressed me as "Kat", but did not answer either of my questions... I was slightly put out.

I mean, is it too much to expect that supposedly competent people are... competent? Is it too much to think that my simple questions will be answered? That people will turn in assignments on time? That people I pay will do what I am paying them to do?

If I pay someone 500$ to lick my damn Jeep tire -- and they accept the money -- they had damned better lick my Jeep tire.

I honestly think there are about 10 trustworthy, reliable, NON morons left on the planet.

So... which one are you?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have to pee

So, I kinda have a thing with piercings. I like them and I have issues with not getting them. I have too many holes in my ears as it is (I am trying to keep it a bit classy instead of looking like an earring tree).

I got my tummy pierced with I was 18 (omg, 7 years ago ;_;) and then have taken my angst out on my ears since then. I can't pierce my face lest my family disown me, so I get my ears pierced and then let the holes grow up... how insane is that!?

I had actually kind of curbed my addiction for a while... until I saw the COOLEST cartilage earring EVER! I mean, seriously... I must have! But, I have all my piercings lined up in a row of three on the left and two in the lower right... basically... I'd have to get another piercing to wear this.

Someone talk me out of putting another hole in my body >_<

I guess I could always go with my nipples, but it makes me nervous :p

Monday, February 08, 2010

Should be doing HW

I was watching the news today (shocking, I know) and something very unexpected reared it's ugly head and gave me indigestion. Political Correctness.


The announcer started prattling blithely about how the adverts for the Super Bowl were thought to be sexist against women. Seriously?

I am a woman... and it never even occurred to me to be insulted by the hilarious commercials that were played during the bowl. Now, some nutters might say this is due to my socialization by the male sexist pig into thinking that I belong barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.


I am the least girly, girl on the planet (save for my makeup obsession). I refuse to watch movies unless they blow up, I will claw your eyes out if you say you can beat me at anything, and I am a wreck in the kitchen. So, if I am not offended by something... then it isn't offensive. It is is a bloody stretch.

People need to get the hell over it. There is always going to be a bit of gender definition in our culture... we are slowly growing out of it, but pointing it our and nagging people over it at every impass isn't helping anyone's cause.

Sunday, February 07, 2010


I have to say... to all of my friends that told me my team (SAINTS) was going to lose:


That was an amazing game. I am pleased.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Underrated Actors

This is totally random, but Heartbreakers is on and it made me ponder.

I have always thought Jennifer Love Hewitt was seriously gorgeous... and damn it, a very good actress! She was good in I Know What You Did, and her series Ghost Whisperer isn't half bad either. I think she just gets cast in CRAP movies. Maybe this says something to her choice in what a good movie is, but not necessarily to her ability to act.

Anyone that can act with Sigourney Weaver has to be pretty decent, right?

Speaking of, Sigourney... she is amazing as well! She was chased by aliens (in 79 and 2009), Ghosts, and pissed men who wanted their money back.

List of underrated actors from you guys?